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YMCA Adventure Guides and Princesses are family programs designed for a parent and his or her child. It is understood that the parent serves as a guide in a child's life.  Parents lead, direct, supervise, influence, and teach while presenting opportunities for children to explore the world around them.  They lead by example as they set their children on a path through life.  In the early years, the program is a side-by-side journey before children are launched into more advanced, independent activities.  In the YMCA Adventure Guides/Princesses program, the journey occurs within the context of a small circle community.  The circle is the program's basic group unit, providing a structure, a sense of community, and support for all group activities.  For the time of your life while your child is at an age that can never be recaptured, make plans now to join in the fun and create memories that will last a lifetime!




The programs are set up by the YMCA and run by elected volunteers in each program.

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Age or Grade


Adventure Guides

 K - 4th grade


Trail Blazers

 5th grade and up


Adventure Princesses

 K - 4th grade


Senior Princesses

 5th grade and up















Adventure Guides

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Parent's Involvement in Children's Lives

Children whose parents are involved in their lives are more confident and less anxious in familiar settings, are better able to deal with frustration, better develop a sense of independence, are more likely to become compassionate adults, have higher self-esteem, have higher grade-point averages, and are more likely to be sociable.

YMCA Child-Parent Programs Build Strong Adults and Parents

Many believe these programs are for the children, but this is only partially true; the program also focuses on adults.  In many cases, the lives of the adults in the program are enhanced as much as or even more than the lives of the children.  First and foremost is the feeling a parent gets when they experience the program with their child and grow closer.  Many adults experience the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, often sharing these skills through involvement.

Program Aims

To be clean in body and pure in heart

To be pals forever with my dad/mom/son/daughter

To love the sacred circle of my family

To listen while others speak

To love my neighbor as myself

To respect the traditions and beliefs of all people

To seek and preserve the beauty of Our Creator's work

in forest, field, and stream

Note: The Officers, Events, & some Pictures sections are for members to view and need a password to enter.  Each group's user name and password is listed in their newsletter.

If you move, please contact us with your new address.  The Pony Express and Running Waters are bulk mailed and are not forwarded in the mail.

This website is affiliated with the North Royalton YMCA, however it is not an official YMCA website.  It does not necessarily address or reflect the views or opinions of the YMCA.  It was created solely for the purpose of promoting the YMCA Adventure programs.