YMCA Adventure Guides is a family program designed for a dad (or other significant male) and his Kindergarten to 5th grade son. The core of the program is Team meetings and Expedition adventures.


Camp Y-Noah
Camp Y-Noah Patch
is a year-round conference location, convenient to Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Medina, Kent and surrounding counties. Facilities are available to accommodate groups with as few as 15 to more than 200 people.
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Camp Alfred L. Willson
Camp Willson Patch
is centered around a natural spring-fed lake formed during the last glacial period in Ohio 14,000 years ago. In the 1850's, the lake was initially named Lake Spencer for a man who used to make counterfeit silver dollars in a log cabin overlooking the lake. The lake was later renamed Silver Lake and finally, Mac-O-Chee.
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Camp Fitch
Camp Fitch Patch
Making camp better to serve the needs of a new generation of campers has always been our goal, but holding onto our traditions and philosophy is equally as important. Camp keeps changing but always for the better!
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Mohican Wilderness Campground
Mohican Wilderness Patch
The mission of Mohican Wilderness is to provide a quiet refuge for considerate families and youth groups who "play by day and sleep at night." Prospective campers who cannot abide by this goal are requested to go elsewhere.
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Stick Man Eating Also don't forget to check for elbows on the table. Make sure your not the one with elbows on the table OR you may hear the following: "This is not a horse's stable, but a fine dining table. Get those elbows off the table. Round the Mess Hall you must go, you must go. Round the Mess Hall you must go. You are lazy!" Then you will be doing this...